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Our family has a winemaking tradition that has developed over a whole century for several generations and since 1994 produces Franciacorta in Erbusco.

We do it with care, passion and an eye to constant research, qualitative evolution and technological innovation.

The daily work of the company is handled personally by all the members of our family: Giuseppe, the “boss”, with a practical and efficient soul; Maria, the “multitasking”, constantly engaged between the cellar and the kitchen; Dario, “the king of the tractor”, juggles especially in the more agricultural phases but, like the others, is an active component in every step; Jessica, “the precise one”, monitors every stage of production.


Our territory is Franciacorta, with a unique microclimate: in winter mitigated by the presence of Lake Iseo; in summer with the heat tempered by the cool currents that come from Valle Camonica.

The microclimate of Franciacorta makes our bunches ripe already in the field and the correct agronomic practices enrich them in sugars, acidity and phenolic compounds: elements that develop naturally giving the wine color, consistency, aroma, simultaneously expressing the unique character of our land and the extraordinary variety of the soils that compose it.

Why then continue to replicate the Classic Method, adapted by the French to a more rigid continental climate? In Franciacorta it would mean harvesting unripe grapes and fermenting them with the addition of cane sugar - therefore exogenous - in both first and second fermentation. Go on...


Cu-Free means copper-free: it is the symbol of conscious choice that considers the use of this metal obsolete
in viticulture and, above all, not compatible with the sustainability of the future. Copper is an element with an undoubted fungicidal and bacteriostatic action, but it cannot be degraded or destroyed. Therefore the sprayed quantities that are not retained by the leaf parts are subject to accumulation in the soil.
Here copper exerts a toxic action towards microorganisms, causing a drastic over time
reduction of soil life. The number of treatments,
moreover, it is proportional to the climatic trend e
above all to the frequency of precipitation: not very suitable, therefore, for a microclimate like the Franciacorta one.
Go on...

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