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Cu-Free means copper-free: it is the symbol of the conscious choice that considers the use of this metal in viticulture obsolete and, above all, not compatible with the sustainability of the future. Copper is an element with an undoubted fungicidal and bacteriostatic action, but it cannot be degraded or destroyed. Therefore the sprayed quantities that are not retained by the leaf parts are subject to accumulation in the soil. Here copper exerts a toxic action against microorganisms, causing a drastic reduction in soil life over time . Furthermore, the number of treatments is proportional to the climatic trend and above all to the frequency of rainfall: therefore not very suitable for a microclimate like the Franciacorta one.

Our company has embraced this respectful philosophy, which is well suited to the personality without compromise or misunderstanding that distinguishes us.

We are Cu-Free because we do not want our land to be polluted by a heavy metal which, over time, would lead to the suffocation of the microorganisms that inhabit it.

We are Cu-Free because we do not want residues in our musts that can hinder yeasts and fermentation.

We are Cu-Free because we limit fungicidal treatments, reducing pollution and we do not compact the land.

Being Cu-Free does not mean demonizing chemistry. Viticulture, in its complexity, must be understood and evaluated through in-depth studies supported by experience, in an overview where all the factors can contribute to environmental sustainability.

All environmentally friendly practices are respectful of the product, the territory, the quality and the consumer.
Modern research provides us with specific molecules with a very high chemical-physical and biological decomposition which, therefore, are better and less invasive than many techniques considered to be at the top of sustainability until now.

We could say that resorting to good chemistry allows to reduce its use over time.

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